9 – Echo Base, Hoth – Getting Hoth in Here



Join Brett and Harley as they use the Force to exact revenge on Steve Harvey for destroying the dreams of Miss Colombia. On our year end show, we will find out if Keanu is immortal, explore the Miss Universe of conspiracies, we try not to cross the streams in our epic flame saber dual, and there is always room for crashed alien crafts.

Listen all the way to the end to find the true fate of the Empire’s Death Star.

“I’m POSITIVE, you’ll like this podcast.”
– Charlie Sheen





3 Replies to “9 – Echo Base, Hoth – Getting Hoth in Here”

  1. Sup guys my name is Anthony Shear I drive truck and even though just started listenin last week I friggidy fricken love the show ! On one of your latest episodes you were trying to figure out a good catch phrase? How about ” you’re now listening to the travel out of these podcast prepare to take a trip on the road to weirderness ” !?!? That seriously would work. Anyway keep up the good work you guys kick ass and with that said your audience will not mind you dropping f bombs and other swear words so go right ahead . PEACE

    1. Anthony,
      Thanks for the feedback! It made our week. We gave you a shout out on our latest podcast.
      Keep up the feedback!

      Harley and Brett

  2. Damn talk text srry. That was supposed to say you are now listening to the travel oddities podcast, prepare to take a trip on the road to weirderness. Like wilderness but weird . Thanks guys

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