16 – Ringing Rocks – Upper Black Eddy, PA



Happy Valentine’s Day!

There is a bolder field in Pennsylvania in which about half of all the rocks ring when struck…..as opposed to the normal thud you expect….and science doesn’t know why.

Ringing Rocks Park is a 128 acre park located in Upper Black Eddy. On today’s episode, we discuss the mystical properties of the ringing rocks as well as other rock based mysteries….you should “tune” in. From Stonehenge to Machu Picchu, Easter Island to the blarney stone, we are going to crack this geological mystery wide open. What does science know about these stones? Are these rocks killing the animal and plant life? What did scientist from Lafayette College find out about the ringing rocks?

What are the mystical properties associated with stones? Was this phenomenon caused by a UFO, radiation, or ley lines?

We will also examine the CIAs tips for investigating UFO reports, and why they would release this info to the public.

As a bonus, we will investigate the mysteries of Homestead Coffee Roasters. Is it a coffee shop, a general store, a restaurant, or a coffee roaster?

Photo courtesy of Conner Covington

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