19 – Wematekan’is – High Bridge, NJ – The Jersey Shire



Happy Pie Day! On tonight’s episode, Brett and Harley tip-toe through the Jersey Shire on a quest to track the most elusive Wematekan’is. Wematekan’is are part of the Lenape Tribe’s lore in and around the High Bridge, NJ area. Are these creatures gnomes, leprechauns, dwarves or sprites? Are they the messengers of the Great Spirit or visitors from parts un-gnome? Are the local UFO abductions just a little mischief from the little locals and how do the Hopkinsville Goblins fit in?

In the news – Japan’s job fair for ninjas and Area 51 has a new half-cousin, Area 6.

P.S. Fae Folk may not be the only F word in this episode.

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