20 – Forepaugh Restaurant – St. Paul, MN



Forepaugh’s Restaurant was a 1870’s manor turned restaurant in St Paul, that is reported to be haunted by the original owner and his maid made mistress.

Join Brett and Harley as they unravel the history of this 5 star restaurant haunt. How did their forbidden love end so tragically? Are they trapped in our realm and doomed to never meet again…or are they living out their love affair over your beef wellington? Brett and Harley take some jabs at the current ghost hunter phenomenon.

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  1. Thanks again for the shout-out homies! Another great show guys I almost had to pull my truck over because I was laughing so hard! A lot more energy this week and I’ve actually never heard of this haunting restaurant which is odd so thank you 🙂 I swear Harley wants to kill bret sometimes but he doesn’t because he would miss him too much when he’s gone LOL you guys are like yin and yang

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