22 – Grave of the Devil’s Baby – Ravenswood, WV


devil baby

Every town has their urban legend, but not every legend is straight from the gate’s of hell.

The Grave of the Devil’s baby is one of the former. Join Brett and Harley as they dig up some truth of this legend.

This grave site is located in Ravenswood West Virginia, and dates back to 1810. Nestled on the banks of the Ohio River, this sleepy hollow once belonged to George Washington himself.

The legend dates back to 1917, when a young child, George Elwood Sharp, passed away and was buried in the local graveyard. Due to the tombstone fad at the time, the grave marker included a picture of George. Now, it is said that the picture glows in the dark and has fangs and horns. People also hear a baby crying in the night.
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  1. There are a few very proud moments in my life that I can think of now having my own theme music on travel Oddities podcast is one of them! I’m on the road right now having a miserable day until I heard the show and now I’m the happiest trucker on the road thanks guys! Another great show also , and I don’t think you guys should have to hold back on your thoughts and opinions it is your show your podcast you live in America where freedom of speech is your choice so feel free to say or do whatever the hell you want. The reason why I like your guys show is because you’re not afraid to hold back and joke around and have fun! On that note to hell with that damned devil baby LOL I would punt it off a bridge and say that’s how I roll. It was probably just a woman that had sex with a manatee and gave birth to a manatee baby anyway.. awesome show guys looking forward to the next one keep up the great work mother trucker out. peace

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