23 – Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery –  Midlothian IL



The only way you get a rose, is if you die… Welcome to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

Join Brett and Harley as they dig into another mysterious cemetery. We might just blow the lid off this whole damn place.

This graveyard in Midlothian, IL dates back to 1834 and is located in a suburb of Chicago. With it’s proximity to Chicago, it has been rumored to be a dumping ground for the mob. There have been a multitude of grave robberies and desecrations over the years. Apparently, this has led the nether world to get pissed at the regulars.

There have been sightings of two-headed ghosts, shadow people, a half-wolf/ half gorilla, hell hounds as well as many other nasty phenomenon.

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  1. What’s up homies just heard the show and I love the hell out of that theme music thanks again! being the badass Rebel Outlaw trucker that I am I would have to show up at that cemetery around midnight saying F the police and do some investigating. I love the idea you guys have a number for listeners to call in and someday soon I’ll work up the courage to call in and tell a few stories about my ghostly encounters or some UFO experiences. Great show guys talk to you soon

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