32 – El Santuario de Chimayo – Chimayo NM



Holy places of the Lourds, Batman! On today’s episode Brett and Harley take a pilgrimage to Chimayo New Mexico, to have their heels healed…not really. We will be giving you the dirt on El Santuario de Chimayo.

According to the masses, but not validated by the Pope, this church has the ability to heal the sick, mend the lame and help the blind to see again. There will be mystical crosses and blessed dirt for everyone.

We also discuss the Tewa Tribal legend that predates this church. It would be a sin to skip this episode, as we resurrect another hidden treasure of the Odd.

Bobby Brown makes our news segment, and it has nothing to do with Browntown.

Don’t crucify Eric, as he is currently on a vision quest and will hopefully have found his spirit animal before next weeks show.

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  1. Hey what happened to Eric ? He was in the outtakes at the end of the episode but didn’t say a word during the whole show? Anyway good show! a couple of jokes and one-liners had me laughing my ass off! It was pretty risky doing a show about a sacred religious place and hopefully nobody gets all butt-hurt about any views or opinions on the show. Sorry about the mix-up about not knowing what day it was. I don’t usually work Sunday night so it threw me off. I’ll definitely redeem myself for the next show and call in and tell my very spooky personal ghost story. Remember folks, pull your head out of your ass and spread the word about the travel Oddities podcast! Bad mother trucker over and out, PEACE

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