33 – Cursed Pyramid Lake – Reno NV



33 is a magic number… On the 33rd episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast, Brett and Harley had to break out Google maps to find the Cursed Pyramid Lake of Reno Nevada.

This legend has it all. The story starts with the Paiute Tribe, then we added in some evil settlers, a mermaid, some devil babies, a serpent, a curse and some pyramids just for fun.

Is the curse real?
Is the Pope an Atheist?
Where have Brett and Harley hidden Eric’s body?…hint there is water involved.
Is Bad Mother Trucker allowed to drunk dial?
Are there aliens involved at all?….nope, sorry.
All this and more on a Full Moon aligned Summer Solstice of the Travel Oddities Podcast.

Cursed Pyramid Lake
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