Bonus – Travel Oddities on the Project Archivist Show



So Brett and Harley finally found all the necessary equipment to make a Skype call (I am pretty sure there was a flux capacitor in there somewhere), and blessed Lobo and Roejen with their silky voices. Okay, maybe that is BS and there might be a lot of that on the show as well.

I think this was supposed to be an interview, but Roejen is not wise in the ways of the martial arts that are required to keep Brett in a single reality. Doing the show was a riot, but it defies all categorical mechanisms. This show is RATED R for language!

We want to send a personal thank you out to Roejen and Lobo for being persistent and making it a fun experience. Listen to this show and then go get caught up with the Project Archivist show in it’s entirety here:

Project Archivist

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