70 – Salem Con – Salem, MA


Harley has a Paranormal Hangover! On this week’s episode, Harley heads to the east coast to investigate the investigators at the third annual Salem Con in the Historic Haunted Hawthorne Hotel in lovely Salem, MA.

This event has all a ton of the experts in oddities all in one place. This is a two-day event that includes a ton of Q&A sessions with huge names in the paranormal field, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is also four separate ghost hunting adventures all over the town of Salem.

Harley had a great interview with Marc Arvilla and Lauren Sheridan, co-Founders of Salem Con, among a metric tonne of other titles and accomplishments. They also do a Podcast called Paranormal Hangover….so just another interview with people that make Harley look lazy.

On top of telling us all about Salem Con and all the travel secrets, Marc tells about his Demonology studies and Lauren tells us all about her super power(she can make anybody cry).

Harley also called a hundred gas stations to get the skinny on Salem Mass. Apparently, Salem is awesome and beautiful.

No Episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast would be complete without a place to grab a bite, and we had to go to Sea Level to find it for you…oh and Brett crashed the second half of show!

Marc Arvilla & Lauren Sheridan’s info:
MGH Paranormal Society on Facebook
MGH Paranormal’s Website
MGH Paranormal on Twitter
Paranormal Hangover on Facebook
Paranormal Hangover on Twitter

Salem Con info:
Salem Con on Facebook
Hawthorne Hotel Website
The Hawthorne Hotel on Facebook

Salem, MA info:
Salem Wiki
Salem has a web page
Salem on Facebook
Things to do in Salem
Sea Level Oyster Bar website
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Nightmare Gallery Website
Count Orloks on Facebook

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