77 – Psychic Capital of the World – Cassadaga, FL


You can love the Manatees in Florida, but don’t touch. On this week’s episode, Harley and Josh have to discover the secrets of Cassadaga Florida before the sun sets.

Today’s oddity is the Psychic Capital of the World, but if you are a resident of Cassadaga, FL, you probably already knew that. The story starts in 1875 when the psychic, seer, guide, medium, George P. Colby got the rights to build the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association.

Josh and Harley examine some of the tales that have given Cassadaga its title as well as some more spooky stories from the town as well.

Does Cassadaga really have a town-wide curfew?

In The News: Glitter boobs, are they the fashion trend that you have been awaiting?

We discuss the Blue Spring State Park. If you go, be sure to take the river cruise, they have MANATEES.

No Episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast would be complete without a place to grab a bite, and we combined our restaurant pick and our mandatory unpronounceable word.

The Florida Top 5 could save you some jail time.

Source Links:
Week in Weird investigates Cassadaga
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Cassadaga’s Official Website
Cassadaga Wiki
More info on Cassadaga
Things to do in Cassadaga-Florida
Blue Spring State Park Website
Outro Music by the Sun

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