85 – Ghosts of Moon River Brewing – Savannah, GA


All settled in the new studio, we’re finally able to get to work. And by ‘work’, I mean eating candy, hitting up the neighboehood taco truck and debating what size coffee pot to buy. And somewhere in there we managed to throw together a fantastic new episode.

Harley and Amy are talking beer, ethereal hookers, a-hole ball stealing kid ghosts and an honest to goodness speakeasy in the beautiful Savannah Georgia. A town even the highly destructive forces of Union General Sherman didn’t have the heart to destroy, Savannah has evolved into a dynamic city abuzz with art, festivals and culture. And yet it’s historic homes and cobblestone streets take you back to the bygone days of the antebellum south.

We visit the Moon River Brewing Company whose spirits dont just come in a bottle. Violence, murder, war, women and booze have a funny way of creating the perfect recipe for a turbulent haunting.

No episode of Travel Oddities would be complete without a great place to eat. We’re a little leary of the peanut butter and jelly wings at the Treylor Park but the Fancy Treylor Park Nachos make this eatery well worth the drive.

Step back in time with a visit to the Mata Hari, one of the last true speak easy’s of it’s kind. Bribe the doorman or hit up Craig’s List for a key to enjoy sultry singers and classic burlesque while sipping on an absinthe cocktail. Give some Travel Oddities love to Kit (the owner) while you’re there.

Brett’s soul stirring groundbreaking research for his Top Five destroys the misconceptions about the classic Georgia Peach myth.

It’s almost time for Cryptid Con! It’s September 9th and 10th in Frankfort, Kentucky. Be sure to check out their website for all the latest updates.

We have first hand accounts of sightings of Pinhead in a Pontiac Fiero in Chickasha Oklahoma and white Sinbad in OKC.

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