OS – Grave of Bert Barrett’s Left Arm – San Jose, CA


Okay, it’s Monday and this is not a full show. We know that it is a little underhanded, but some of us are all thumbs and we fumbled the regular show. We try to take a hands-on approach to our release schedule, but even with all hands on deck the glitches got the upper hand on us. With that being said, you should’t bite the hand that feeds you because forgiveness goes hand in hand with happiness. On the other hand, you still have an Odd Spot to get you through the day. Episode 102 will be on hand next Monday, so we don’t have any blood on our hands.

This particular odd spot should be an armful of fun. Brett and Amy discuss the grave of Bert Barrett’s left arm in San Jose, California. How do you get a partial grave? What did they do with the rest of him? We will attempt to answer all of the important questions!

It might be playing into our hand, but you should totally listen to this show now!

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