117 – Great Serpent Mound – Peebles, OH


One week back from the Ozark Mountains UFO Conference and we are all still a little slap-happy! On this week’s episode, Harley and Brett have to strip off the excess gear to fully explore one of the most scenic areas in all of Ohio, Peebles, OH.

This place was apparently built for hikers. With miles of trails, you can hike for days or take an afternoon exploring one of the smaller trails.

We have an interview with Ross Hamilton about the Great Serpent Mound and he is smarter than us. We discuss his 12 year exploration of the Serpent Mound and his book The Mystery of the Serpent Mound.

What is the origin of the Serpent Mound?

What is its astronomical significance?

Why was it built here?

Who were the Adena people?

Is the Serpent Mound a path to enlightenment, a map of the stars, haunted, or an intergalactic Phillips 66?

There are events feature drumming, sweat lodges, healing ceremonies, and crystal skulls at the mound.

What is Sound Current meditation?

If you have already found enlightenment, you can always check out the Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat. It is family orientated and they have loads of activities….we tried to not make it weird….that didn’t work.

BK Scoop in West Union may have the coolest menu ever. #travelodditiesapproved

The Top 5 is full of icons and lies.

Ross Hamilton’s Books
Serpent Mound Info
Serpent Mound Park
Ghost stories around the Serpent Mound
Serpent Mound Video
Sound Current Meditation
Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat
Adams County
Adams Lake Park
Outro Music – Nigthtcore version of Ohio is For Lovers by Hawthorne Heights
BK Scoop

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