125 – Odon Fire Poltergeist – Odon IN


On episode 125, Harley and Brett have a most excellent adventure exploring Odon, Indiana.

Odon may be small but it has quite a few things to offer the bachelor on the move. Odon has a two thirds female population…

The Odon Fire Poltergeist is a most baffling mystery and the town of Odon has haunted by the tale since the 1940s.
What could cause a house to catch fire over twenty times in a day in front of numerous witnesses? A G.D. Fire Poltergeist!

How can you deal with a poltergeist?

Do the movies have it right when it comes to ghosts?

Want something a little darker? How about a cavernous canoe ride in the Bluespring Caverns?

We cannot vouch for the cooking skills of the Odon Fire Poltergeist, but Smokin Jim’s BBQ knows what to do with the flames!

Odon Fire Poltergeist
Movie Poltergeist
Blue Springs Cavern
Smokin Jim’s BBQ
OKC River Sports
Music by Mike Masse
Outro Music

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