128 – The House of Mary Surratt – Washington, D.C.


On episode 128, Brett is limping his way to Washington, DC, while Harley fails at laughing and/or offending anyone. Why are we headed to DC? The House of Mary Surratt is a conspiracy haunting….it’s a two-fer.

We went light on the DC tourism details…because it is a bottomless pit of interesting and entertaining places and things to do and ain’t nobody got time to cover them all.

The House of Mary Surratt is a location of significance in the Lincoln assassination and it may just be haunted by the ghost of a wrongfully accused co-conspirator. From ghostly footsteps to phantom apparitions, this place has had thousands of people report paranormal activity.

Who was Mary Surratt?

How was she involved in the assassination of our sixteenth president?

Can ghosts melt snow?

Do politicians really eat babies?

If want like the night life, but not the afterlife, may we suggest The All Night Art Show?

Did you know Washington DC is known for chili? Ben’s Chili Bowl is home of the Legendary “Half Smoke” and Brett will hop on one leg to get some.

Washington, DC
Surratt Museum
Spooky Washington Post News Stories
Ben’s Chili Bowl
Art All Night
Outro Musician

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