130 – Clown Motel – Tonopah, NV


On this week’s episode, Brett and Harley are feeling the heat in Tonopah, NV to check out the Clown Motel. Tonapah is halfway between Reno and Vegas…so basically in the middle of the desert.

Not only is the the perfect place to see the night sky, but it is also perfect for rock hunting, hiking, bird watching, wildlife viewing, mountain biking, off-roading & hunting.

The Clown Motel on the other hand is perfect only to fill your nights with horrific nightmares and flashbacks to Stephen King’s IT or the movie Poltergeist.

Is the Clown Motel haunted?

What is miner’s clap?

What is the Tonopah Plague?

What is Coulrophilia?

What percentage of the world has Culdrophobia?

If want don’t like clowns, zombies or ghosts, how about geocaching? Tonopah is a geocaching mecca and we have the scoop.

We also check out the Tonopah Brewing Company where their motto is “Blood,Sweat and Beers” and there specialty Craft Brews and BBQ.

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Tonopah, NV
Tonopah Brewing Co
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