139 – Haunted I-94 Roadtrip – Minneapolis, MN


On Episode 139, Brett and Harley are taking you on a roadtrip for Halloween.

We are starting at The Palmer House Hotel. If you like ghost children, they have you covered. With multiple haunted rooms available, you shouldn’t have too much problem finding a ghostly friend. Check with the hotel for availability.

500 Sinclair Lewis Avenue, Sauk Centre MN

After the Palmer, we head over to the Haunted First Avenue Night Club, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The First Avenue is an independent, live music, night club which features a variety of live bands playing original music.

Some of the biggest artists in the world have played here. You know Prince had to be on the list.
The building was built in 1937, presented as a brand new, stream-lined, art deco style Grey Hound Bus Depot.
Sometime in the history of the building, a woman hung herself in one of the stalls in the women’s bathroom.

The entity of a blonde woman, wearing a green jacket often appears to staff and patrons of this musical venue club.
Another entity will make a balloon appear from nowhere which then floats up and down the staircase on its own. The employees call this one Slippy.
People have reported seeing dancing apparitions with no legs.

When we finish dancing with the legless ghosts, we head to The Wardens House.

The Wardens House was built in 1853 as the residence of the territorial prisons wardens quarters.

Over the years many psychics have investigated the house and reported seeing a woman that appeared to be searching for her baby with stomach pains.

There are also a lot reports from visitors that they’ve heard noises such as shoveling coal in the basement.

Our restaurant is number four on the list, which is interesting since we are going to Forepaugh’s Restaurant.

This is a gorgeous state-of-the-art venue in a historic, Victorian mansion.

Their “Downstairs” menu is more casual…beers and Reuben sandwich kind of menu.
The fine dining menu is a more refined culinary experience.

Aside from the amazing views and food, they also fully embrace the odd of their location.
1. They have a Piano Bar in which they play Halloween themed music around this time of year.
2. This Halloween, they have none of than Natalie Fowler giving psychic readings.

The last leg of the trip is to Fountain Lake in Delano, MN.

Fountain Lake is a 282-acre lake located in south-east Wright County.

At Fountain Lake, witnesses say, the ghost of a Native American woman who drowned here can be heard screaming late at night.

According to the Fountain Lake Association: Fountain Lake IS NOT haunted.

We are going to let you be the judge.

The Palmer House
Travel Oddities Episode 20
First Avenue Night Club
Fountain Lake Haunting
Warden’s House
Episode 68 with Natalie Fowler
Outro Music

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