142 – Make Thanksgiving Great Again


Episode 142 of the Travel Oddities Podcast is here and we are taking a Thanksgiving road trip of sorts.

What’s our problem with Thanksgiving?

We want to make Thanksgiving GREAT again.

43 million Americans are expected to travel for Thanksgiving, but we fear there are not enough adventures involved.

There‚Äôs no evidence that turkey was served on the “first” Thanksgiving. With that being said, Harley and Brett, want more diversity in our Thanksgiving festivities. Thanksgiving pork chops?

Don’t over commit. We recommend attending fewer dinners and making the most of them.

Pass Down a family recipe or make a new one together. This is a perfect time to share.

Say no to Black Friday! Thanksgiving is a time for family. Don’t let corporate America push you around. Those “deals” are not more important than friends and family


Go outside and play games with the kids instead of watching the game on TV.

Go to a local parade and interact with REAL people. Leave the phone in the car.

Have a fun road trip and bring us some leftovers.

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