33 – Cursed Pyramid Lake – Reno NV



33 is a magic number… On the 33rd episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast, Brett and Harley had to break out Google maps to find the Cursed Pyramid Lake of Reno Nevada.

This legend has it all. The story starts with the Paiute Tribe, then we added in some evil settlers, a mermaid, some devil babies, a serpent, a curse and some pyramids just for fun.

Is the curse real?
Is the Pope an Atheist?
Where have Brett and Harley hidden Eric’s body?…hint there is water involved.
Is Bad Mother Trucker allowed to drunk dial?
Are there aliens involved at all?….nope, sorry.
All this and more on a Full Moon aligned Summer Solstice of the Travel Oddities Podcast.

Cursed Pyramid Lake
4th Street Bistro
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32 – El Santuario de Chimayo – Chimayo NM



Holy places of the Lourds, Batman! On today’s episode Brett and Harley take a pilgrimage to Chimayo New Mexico, to have their heels healed…not really. We will be giving you the dirt on El Santuario de Chimayo.

According to the masses, but not validated by the Pope, this church has the ability to heal the sick, mend the lame and help the blind to see again. There will be mystical crosses and blessed dirt for everyone.

We also discuss the Tewa Tribal legend that predates this church. It would be a sin to skip this episode, as we resurrect another hidden treasure of the Odd.

Bobby Brown makes our news segment, and it has nothing to do with Browntown.

Don’t crucify Eric, as he is currently on a vision quest and will hopefully have found his spirit animal before next weeks show.

EL Santuario de Chimayo Wiki
EL Santuario de Chimayo legends
Things to do in Chimayo NM
Rancho de Chimayo restaurant
News Story – Bobby B and the Ghost
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31 – Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp – Browntown SC



Put on your wading boots because Brett, Eric and Harley are taking you on a trip to Browntown. Today we are discussing the legend that is the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp in Browntown SC.

Is this cryptid really terrorizing people in the swamps around Johnsonville SC?

Tall tales often involve a big fish, but this mystery is all reptile.

Can anybody get through this show without pointing out the names of these towns?

Is Brett going to wait until the skeptics section to call bs?

Was BMT abducted by aliens?

All this and more on the Travel Oddities Podcast episode 31!

Lizard Man Wiki
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30 – Sloss Furnaces – Birmingham AL



Put on your hard hat and strap on your work boots as Brett, Harley and Eric discuss the haunted Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama.

The furnaces have been a ghost hotbed in the area, with residents believing that the tortured spirits of factory workers that lost their lives while working there still roam the halls. The furnace opened in 1882 and reports of apparitions started as soon as 1887.

Now, the furnaces are a national landmark, museum and concert venue, and paranormal activity from the site are still being reported today. It’s getting hot in this haunted factory. Is this where the final scene of T2 took place? I want to believe.

Sloss Furnaces Wiki

News – Satanic Prayers

Saws BBQ

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29 – Melon Heads Cryptids – Saugatuck MI



Take a walk down a dark country road with Harley and Brett as they investigate the legend of the Melon Heads of Saugatuck MI. This cryptid is so grotesque that Eric literally got sick and had to go home. These creatures are said to be three to four feet tall cannibals that live in the forest in and around Saugatuck. Just imagine if an Oompa Loompa and the Toxic Avenger had a baby, and that baby had a baby with those creepy “hills have eyes” people…..then you would end up with one of these freaks.

Are these creatures the result of a mad scientist or are they mutants that didn’t get a scholarship into Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters? Is Saugatuck where the Dover Demon retired with his wife and kids? Are these little ankle biters the product of local lore and legend or are they really terrorizing this small Michigan town?

Melon Head Wiki
Town of Saugatuck MI
The Copper Craft Distillery
The Farmhouse Deli

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28 – Pit Stop News and Toy and Action Figure Museum – Pauls Valley OK



Three brilliant news stories is where this night begins. The boys follow that up with more action figures than you can shake a stick at. Brett does NOT call BS on this oddity. We travel, literally to Pauls Valley, OK and visit the world renowned Toy and Action Figure Museum. Join us for a pit stop off of I-35, to play with one of the largest collections of toys known to mankind(or maybe just Harley).

Is there a portal between Chickasha, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas?
Is the “Old Stinker” really that stinky?
Who did werewolves better, the Britts or the French?
Do UFOs poop?
Can conspiracy theorists find love?

All this and more on tonight’s show!

The Toy and Action Figure Museum
News – Conspiracy Dating Story
News – UFO
Roma’s Italian Restaurant

27 – Loveland Frogmen – Loveland OH



Are you feeling froggy? Join the boys on this cryptid caper as they attempt to uncover the legend of the “Loveland Frogmen”

The Loveland Frogmen were first reported in 1955 in the tiny town of Loveland, OH. They were described as humanoid creatures with the face of a frog. They have green leathery skin and webbed hands. They were also reported to have held up a bar-like device that emitted sparks.

Are they overgrown lizards, aquatic aliens fueling their UFO, the first wave of the reptoid invasion or are they the product of an overactive imagination?

Brett swears on a stack of Illuminati bibles not to call BS in the first five minutes of the show.

More about the Frogmen
Even more about the Frogmen
Even even more about the Frogmen
Loveland Ohio
The News Story
The Works Pizza

26 – Emily’s (haunted) Bridge – Stowe, VT



Avoiding the ghosts is hard to do, when they haunt the only way in or out of your town. This appears to be the case at Emily’s Bridge in Stowe, VT…. where you can check out anytime you like, but you can NEVER leave.

Today Brett, Eric and Harley explore the many sides of this mystery. Is Emily a ghost, a vengeful spirit, a poltergeist or just “a bunch ‘a BS?
Will bet call BS or will he dive off the deep end? Will Brett have another “episode?” Is this a tulpa or an actual haunting?

We also cover some other uncovered bridges in the news.

Emily’s Bridge Wiki
Emily’s main site

Doc Ponds Restaurant

25 – Denver Airport Conspiracy – Denver CO



Get your round-trip tickets to the conspiracy that is the Denver International Airport.

Join Brett, Harley and Eric the intern as they do a flyby past this cornucopia of conspiracies. We might just blow the lid off this whole damn place. The red lane is always for loading.

Is “blucifer” a sign of the coming Apocalypse or just a nod to the Denver Broncos?

Was the Denver International Airport built by the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Neo-Nazis or just a subcontrator?

What’s up with all of the strange art?

Why did they need to move so much dirt?

Why do they need so much power?

Who is David Icke?

You have questions…..so do we!!!

Theory Wiki

DIA Wiki

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24 – Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine – Apache Junction, AZ



$200 million in gold and all you have to do is solve the riddles, fight your way past the snipers and survive the rattlesnake infested desert… Welcome to the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.

Join Brett and Harley as they hit the mother-load of lost treasures. We might just blow the lid off this whole damn place. Break out your pick axes and Acme TNT, we are on the hunt.

This mystery in the Superstition mountains dates back to the 1500s. It is located in the Apache Junction, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. Starting with the Spanish Conquistadors, this legend has a long and bloody history. There have been a multitude of deaths over the years blamed on Apache Indians, rattle snakes, scorpians, snipers and more. Apparently, this just spurs the treasure hunters. As many as 8000 people a year go in search of this lost treasure.

Lost Dutchman Wiki

Starshot News – Full story

Apache Junction Wiki

Clues to the Mine

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