86 – Route 55: Indian Curse Road-Deptford, NJ


We have discovered some very interesting facts in our new studio. The most important fact is that our studio was built directly upon a tornado siren and they test this siren on Saturdays at noon. These tests appear to last about seventeen hours!

On this episode Harley and Brett took a little trip down a cursed highway to the town of Deptford, NJ in Gloucester County.

Before the construction of Route 55 in Deptford, the town was warned by an honest to goodness Native American Chief that this construction would disturb the ancestral spirits and that the construction should be rerouted. In accordance with all curse movies, this advice was completely ignored, and that is where the “fun” began.

We discuss the travel appeal of the area and there will be an upcoming odd spot show to cover the Red Bank Battlefield as an ademdum to this show.
We found an oddity inside of an oddity….Oddity Oddities?

No episode of Travel Oddities would be complete without a great place to eat. We have found a great little Italian inspired restaurant that will make your mouth water. If you go to Cugini’s in Deptford, try the Cuginirotti and report back!

The Travel Oddities Top Five includes every weird factoid about the state of New Jersey. Okay, that is a blatant lie, but we refuse to retract that statement, so just except it and share with your friends.

Don’t let the fear of curses stop you from a vacation to Deptford. Harley has included a defense against curses that will leave you feeling so fresh and so clean, or maybe smelling like you run a head-shop.

Amy is not on this episode, but that is okay, and we do not need any freak-outs by the Amy-Squad. We haven’t locked her in the basement or anything…

Gloucester County, NJ
New York Times Story
Cugini Pizza
Red Bank Battlefield
Hysteria 51
Music by Mike Masse

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61 – America’s Stonehenge – Salem, NH


Brett and Harley try not to be crushed by America’s Stonehenge, as they dodge the tolls in their travels to Salem, NH. Salem New Hampshire, also known as the other Salem may hold one of the most mysterious oddities so far. What is this rock formation on the shire? Is it a work of Native art or did it have more sinister uses from early Irish settlers? Perhaps our guest, David Goudsward can shed some light-hearted humor on this and enlighten us on the real story behind one of America’s most mysterious stone structures.

In the news we discuss a Bond like gadget to avoid tolls and the grave consequences of not paying your tolls in Florida. Let’s just say, the death penalty sounds better.

Brett’s Top 5 facts you didn’t know about New Hampshire.

Why it is imperative that you get in “the club” when you are visiting Maddie’s Bagels in Salem. Just ask for Val.

All this and more on this episode of the Travel Oddities Podacast.

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Dave Goudsward’s website – Go there and buy the things
StoneHenge USA
America’s Stonehenge the wiki
Canobie Lake Park the wiki
Maddie’s Bagels & Eatery
News from UPI