78 – Garden of One Thousand Buddhas – Arlee, MT


Do or do not. There is no try. Harley decided to not try to pronounce any of the names involved in this episode.

On this week’s episode, Harley and Amy travel the eight fold path that leads to The Ewam Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Arlee, Montana.

This oddity surprised us, and may be our favorite so far. It starts with in the mysterious mountains of Tibet and ends up in the beautiful mountains of Montana.

We had a great interview with Deborah Hicks, the Ewam Media and Communications director. On top of handling the communications of the Garden, Deborah is a ten year student of Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche, and an accomplished musician.

We discuss Arlee, MT. If you go, there will not be a shortage of beautiful vistas and nature at it’s finest.

No Episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast would be complete without a place to grab a bite, and we got everything we could of asked for in the Hangin Art Gallery. We also take you through a virtual tour of the National Bison Range in Charlo, Montana.

The Top 5 is packed with the laws of the land.

Closing Music by Joan Zen.

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47 – Seattle Metaphysical Library – Seattle, WA



Stick out your thumb and hitch a ride with Brett and Harley on a trip to an esoteric wonderland! On this week’s episode, we travel to Seattle, WA to check out the Seattle Metaphysical Library. Disneyland can’t hold a candle to the dusty tombs in this place. Whether you want to know about aliens, Antarctica, Atlantis, alchemy, astronomy or astrology, this place has it all. This place is so elite you can’t find it from the street. We like to support cool people doing cool things, and what is cooler than running a library that covers everything that “they” don’t want you to know. In business for 55 years, this oddity has had to fight tooth and nail to keep their doors open. We discuss a few of the events that they regularly host, some of the books you can borrow, and what it takes to support this diamond in the rough.

We have two news stories on this episode. The first news story, from Popular Science Magazine covers the Vikings and how the size of their family might have played a role in their murdering. The second news story is worlds away from the first, seriously. From Futurism.com, we cover a story about space mining, and when we should expect to see it happen.

If you are planning a trip to Seattle, these are just a few other activities that you might be interested in checking out:

The Fremont Troll also known as The Troll, or the Troll Under the Bridge is a public sculpture in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

Pike Place Market is the longest continuously running public/farmers market in the country. It overlooks the Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle.

Seattle Underground is one of Seattleā€™s most unusual attractions, a humorous stroll through intriguing subterranean storefronts and sidewalks entombed when the city rebuilt on top of itself after the Great Fire of 1889.

Brett’s top 5 things you didn’t know about Seattle list.

We also discuss one of the best burgers in Seattle.

We have an update on the Space Syrup ODD Challenge. We are not sure what is in there, but we are sure that it doesn’t taste good.

All this and more on episode 47 of the Travel Oddities Podcast.

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Seattle Underground
Dick’s Drive-In