49 – Parallel Forest – Lawton, OK



Back in Oklahoma, so saddle up the horses for this trip with Brett and Harley as they take you to the mountains of Oklahoma! On this week’s episode, we travel to Lawton, OK to check out the Parallel Forest. There are ghosts in these here mountains. If you’ve been to the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma, you’ve encountered picturesque scenery, waterfalls, rugged terrain and diverse wildlife. Outside of the hauntings, you might also run into some Satan worshipers or some random witches….or that is how the story goes. This oddity hidden away in a scenic location is a must.

Our news story is foul and not made for t.v.

If you are planning a trip to Lawton, these are just a few other activities that you might be interested in checking out:

Holy City of the Wichitas
Mount Scott
Quanah Parker Lake
Wichita Mountains Scenic Byway
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Trail System
Charon’s Garden Trail

We found a rustic little restaurant that you can top-off in after you scour the countryside for demons.

All this and more on episode 49 of the Travel Oddities Podcast.

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45 – Hell House Altar – Catonsville, MD



Hop a train and join Brett and Harley on a trip to a creepy woodland destination! On this week’s episode, we travel to Catonsville, MD to investigate the mysteries around the Hell House Alter. There are a lot of creepy urban legends that revolve around this demolished Catholic school. Is this property haunted by ghosts? Did the former residents commune with the devil? Is there a deranged caretaker still patrolling this oddity? We also cover a first hand account of a paranormal event when an amateur photographer traveled to this location. Cold spots, gates to Hell or just plain fun? You decide!

Our news story comes straight out of the headlines in Iceland. Has a fairy curse caused the Icelandic Highway department to dig up a big stone?

If you are planning a trip to Catonsville, there are a few other activities that you might be interested in checking out:
Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum
Lurman Woodland Theatre – an outdoor community amphitheater

We also discuss some of the more notable residents of Catsonsville:
John Wilkes Booth
John Christ
Ric Ocasek
Doug Flutie

Brett’s top 5 things you didn’t know about Maryland list.

We also discuss the best place to get Italian in the area.

Join in on the ODD Challenge for this week! Space Syrup is made out of people?

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