72 – Apache Rattlesnake Festival – Apache, OK


How many times can you record a single episode before finally losing your mind? The answer is 4. On this week’s episode, Harley is joined by Josh the Giant Leprechaun, you may remember him from our Bobby Mackey episode.

***Warning. We have some audio anomalies, and I am now considering burning everything and starting over.***

This oddity is a slippery one, so we took a hands-on approach. Harley took a road trip down to Apache, Oklahoma to take part in the Apache, OK Rattlesnake Festival.

We hear a first-hand account of Harley’s experience hunting rattlesnakes.

We discuss what appears to be the largest garage sale on the planet.

We take a virtual walk through the snake pit and then pop over to the butcher shop.

We discuss Apache, OK. If you go, bring a bag lunch because there are very few places to eat.

Apache Rattlesnake Festival
Festival Page

Apache, OK
Apache Wiki
Things to do in Apache
TravelOK Link to the Event

Evan “Funk” Davies – Rattlesnakes

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62 – Vampire Beast of Bladenboro – Bladenboro NC


Join Brett and Harley as they attempt to uncover the mystery of the “Beast of Bladenboro, NC. an oddity like no other. Is it a bear,panter,bobcat or someother blood sucking foul beast that crushes it’s victims’ skulls,eats there tongues and sucks their blood dry. One things for sure is it’s not a MANATEE. what creature would prompt thousands of hunters to come to this sleepy town in North Carolina in the mid 1950’s. Perhaps Julian “Tater” Shaw can shed some light onthis dark cryptid tale.
Travel to the tiny town of Bladenboro and enjoy the best fried chicken around.

I’ll have the Yuengling Brew with my yoga please…
Beer YOGA is the latest fad on the way up and seems to be catching on. Brett doesnt want to be as sick as a downward dog in the process.

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Beast of Bladenboro – Wiki
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Diamond Dave’s Grub
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