94 – The Monsters of Devil’s Lake – Baraboo WI


The shadowy spirits elephants, mysterious disappearances, native legends and the most beautiful landscapes you could wish to see on any road trip. We’re traveling to the heart of the dairy belt to visit the Devil’s Lake State Park to dive into some very disturbing legends.

Don’t let the postcard views of this gem in Wisconsin fool you. This town seems to be a hotbed of the paranormal. From lake monsters to Bigfoot to ghosts and native american curses, Baraboo has it all.

If you aren’t feeling like taking on the local oddities, there is fishing, boating, kayaking and camping adventures for all. I would say to watch out for bears…but they say there are none. Maybe the giant ghost mammoths ate them?

If the outdoors and the paranormal are not your cup of tea, this town is home to Circus World. This is a working circus and museum devoted to the history of the circus, with artifacts and exhibits and tigers!

No trip to the cheese capitol of the world would be complete without stopping in to the Gem City Saloon and Eatery for a cheesy slice of the “best pizza in Wisconsin.

More about Baraboo
Circus World
Gem City Saloon
Music by Mike Masse

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61 – America’s Stonehenge – Salem, NH


Brett and Harley try not to be crushed by America’s Stonehenge, as they dodge the tolls in their travels to Salem, NH. Salem New Hampshire, also known as the other Salem may hold one of the most mysterious oddities so far. What is this rock formation on the shire? Is it a work of Native art or did it have more sinister uses from early Irish settlers? Perhaps our guest, David Goudsward can shed some light-hearted humor on this and enlighten us on the real story behind one of America’s most mysterious stone structures.

In the news we discuss a Bond like gadget to avoid tolls and the grave consequences of not paying your tolls in Florida. Let’s just say, the death penalty sounds better.

Brett’s Top 5 facts you didn’t know about New Hampshire.

Why it is imperative that you get in “the club” when you are visiting Maddie’s Bagels in Salem. Just ask for Val.

All this and more on this episode of the Travel Oddities Podacast.

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Dave Goudsward’s website – Go there and buy the things
StoneHenge USA
America’s Stonehenge the wiki
Canobie Lake Park the wiki
Maddie’s Bagels & Eatery
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