97 – Wisconsin Death Trip – Black River Falls, WI


ODDTOBER has drawn to an end and the weather is turning colder. There’s a distinct chill in the air and the darkness of night comes earlier and earlier. So, settle in with Brett and Amy as they tell the tale of the horrors of Wisconsin in the late 19th century.

In 1973, Michael Lesy published the now cult classic, Wisconsin Death Trip. In the last decade of the 19th century, life in Black River Falls was filled with madness, suicide, murder, disease and child mortality. The horrors perpetrated by the citizens of Jackson County are depicted in stark reality in the photographs taken between 1890 and 1910 by a local photographer, with extracts from the local newspaper, the Badger State Banner, and from the records of the local mental asylum.

All this murder and madness can work up an appetite so we’ll stop by Re-Pete’s Saloon and Grill for some tasty treats. We’ll tell you all about the famous Re-Pete Offender and how you can win your very own Re-Pete t-shirt.

If you’re ready to walk off that giant lunch, we’ll take a trip to the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center. Learn all about the annual Wisconsin Cranberry Festival as you tour the interactive cranberry museum. Stop by the vintage ice cream parlor for a variety of cranberry flavored ice creams and visit their gift shop for some fantastic cranberry treats.

Music by Mike Masse
Wisconsin Death Trip Movie
Wisconsin Death Trip Book
Black River Falls
Black River Chamber of Commerce
Jackson County Chronicle
Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center
Re-Pete’s Saloon and Grill

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62 – Vampire Beast of Bladenboro – Bladenboro NC


Join Brett and Harley as they attempt to uncover the mystery of the “Beast of Bladenboro, NC. an oddity like no other. Is it a bear,panter,bobcat or someother blood sucking foul beast that crushes it’s victims’ skulls,eats there tongues and sucks their blood dry. One things for sure is it’s not a MANATEE. what creature would prompt thousands of hunters to come to this sleepy town in North Carolina in the mid 1950’s. Perhaps Julian “Tater” Shaw can shed some light onthis dark cryptid tale.
Travel to the tiny town of Bladenboro and enjoy the best fried chicken around.

I’ll have the Yuengling Brew with my yoga please…
Beer YOGA is the latest fad on the way up and seems to be catching on. Brett doesnt want to be as sick as a downward dog in the process.

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Beast of Bladenboro – Wiki
Huff Post Beer Yoga News
More Beastly info
Diamond Dave’s Grub
Beast Fest

56 – Bobby Mackeys Hell Gate – Wilder, KY


Hop in the pickup with Harley,Brett, and Josh and “head” on down to Bobby Mackey’s Music world in Wilder, KY. Where they have a date at Hell’s Gate. Heads will roll and blood will spill as they attempt to uncover the mystery surrounding this infamous haunt. This haunted honky tonk offers more spirits than a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon. Ghostly cowboys, pregnant poltergeists, and guy named COOOOOORAL.
Can you hang with the legend or will you end up on the killing floor. Brett sends out a heartfelt apology to Kentuckians around the world and promises not to do that “one thing EVER again”
In The News- There is SNOW in the forecast. Fishermen reel in a Kilo of Blow and immediately test it for quality assurance. We have audio of the Disco Dust recovery and all the deets of the deep Sea Booger Sugar rescue.

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– Music by Brain Bags
– Music by Hall & Oates