55 – Fouke Monster – Fouke, AR



Pitch a tent and tip -toe through Boggy Creek with Brett and Harley as they travel to Fauke Arkansas with a Beast of an Oddity and thats just the Monster Mart. On this weeks episode we visit Fauke, Arkansas and investigate the story behind the 1972 cult classic “The Boggy Creek Monster” with the man who literally wrote the book on the ‘The Beast” with “The Beast of Boggy Creek “.Crypto legend, author, producer and musician ; Lyle Blackburn. Gather around the campfire as Lyle takes you on a guided tour of Fauke and tells you what stories inspired him as a child and what stories still give him the chills to this very day. We talk about how a little hole in the wall Oddity shop became a “Monster Quest” of a road trip destination.
So pack up the Henderson’s and strap in for the long haul…. Cause Travel Oddities snagged Lyle Blackburn Ya’ll.


Our news story this week comes from Futurism Magazine. Can scientists generate power that will last long after the robots have taken over? Are Nuclear Diamonds actually forever? Researchers from some fancy college with two names seem to think so.

What The Actual Fauke!? If you’re planning your next trip on a tankful Lyle puts his “Beastly” reputation on the line with everything from the best burger to best donut in town. Not to mention the Monster of all Marts….Monster Mart.

PUP TENTS BEWARE!!! Plenty of primitive campsites in the Fauke and Boggy Creek areas there aren’t many places for lodging so roughing it is the order of the day. So Heed the Beasts call and beware of Nightfall.

Lest we forget the Arkansas Top 5. More fun facts about Arkansas than Bigfoot can shake a stick at. Brett’s personal favorite’s no less

Brett attempts to channel his inner Matthew Mac….AGAIN…
All this and and a bag of Big foot Scat on this episode of Travel Oddities


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46 – Crawfordsville Monster – Crawfordsville, IN



Jesus, take the w…wifi password? Catch the next Greyhound bus and join Brett and Harley on a trip to find one of the strangest cryptids we have ever covered! On this week’s episode, we travel to Crawfordsville, IN to investigate the mystery of the Crawfordsville Monster. Back in September of 1891, the residents of this award winning community saw something that defied description. Did this town slip into a Lovecraftian horror story? Did they encounter the original Lost smoke monster or maybe an aerial serpent? When the local preacher is one of the eyewitnesses, does that give the story more credibility? This claim was investigated by Charles Fort and it is sometimes referred to as the American Dragon Maybe it was an atmospheric monster or maybe it was a flock of killdeer, but either way it is definitely an oddity of epic proportions.

Our news story comes from Headlines & Global News and involves a new book by an Oscar-winning author about aliens, UFOs and cattle mutilations.

If you are planning a trip to Crawfordsville, there are a few other activities that you might be interested in checking out:

Ropkey Armor Museum – north of Crawfordsville, Indiana, resides one of the finest collections of U.S. Tactical Military Vehicles in the country.

Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County – covers the history, heritage, and culture of Montgomery County.

We also discuss some of the more notable residents of Crawfordsville:
– “Curly Bill” Brocius
– Dick Van Dyke

Brett’s top 5 things you didn’t know about Indiana list.
We have an update on the latest Odd Challenge…you know, space syrup.
Check out the show….we will know if you don’t!

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45 – Hell House Altar – Catonsville, MD



Hop a train and join Brett and Harley on a trip to a creepy woodland destination! On this week’s episode, we travel to Catonsville, MD to investigate the mysteries around the Hell House Alter. There are a lot of creepy urban legends that revolve around this demolished Catholic school. Is this property haunted by ghosts? Did the former residents commune with the devil? Is there a deranged caretaker still patrolling this oddity? We also cover a first hand account of a paranormal event when an amateur photographer traveled to this location. Cold spots, gates to Hell or just plain fun? You decide!

Our news story comes straight out of the headlines in Iceland. Has a fairy curse caused the Icelandic Highway department to dig up a big stone?

If you are planning a trip to Catonsville, there are a few other activities that you might be interested in checking out:
Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum
Lurman Woodland Theatre – an outdoor community amphitheater

We also discuss some of the more notable residents of Catsonsville:
John Wilkes Booth
John Christ
Ric Ocasek
Doug Flutie

Brett’s top 5 things you didn’t know about Maryland list.

We also discuss the best place to get Italian in the area.

Join in on the ODD Challenge for this week! Space Syrup is made out of people?

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