64 – The Haunted Athenaeum – Indianapolis, IN


On this weeks episode Brett and Harley travel the Information Super Highway to Indianapolis, IN to explore the lore of The Haunted Anthenaeum.
Try saying that 5 times fast, that’s a real oddity.
They had the pleasure of interviewing paranormal investigator, author, co-owner of Unseenpress.com Inc., Nicole Kobrowski.and they discuss why the Athenaem is on the National Historic Registry and why it’s a Haunter’s Haven.
They also talk about the Anthenaeum Foundation and Special Event coming up February 25, 2017.

In The News: They have a story of biblical porportions.
Did Jesus tell a Florida man to steal 7 BILLION DOLLARS!!! Thats an ‘UnGodly’ amount of money….HOLY JESUS, MARY and Benjamin!!!
From Ghost Bustin to Gut Bustin: Loosen your belts boys ,they got the skinny on the best places to grub from our guest contributor Nicole; but you better brush up on your Deutsch.

We discuss Indianapolis and all of the things to do there. From Medical History Museums, to catacombs, to the Indy 500 and more.

No Episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast would be complete without a place to grab a bite, and thanks to Nicole we have options this week.

Brett’s Top 5 is city specific and it’s got a whole new sound.

The Odd Box winner is announced and yes you have to listen to see if you won.

Brett and Harley dealve into the depths of the underworld via a twenty dollar Ouija board. Next week’s show may be hosted by Beelzebub and Mammon.

Flashlight Session at the Athenaeum
EVP at the Athenaeum
The Athenaeum Event – Feb 25th
The Athenaeum Event Signup
Unseen Press
Tour Schedule
Indiana Medical History Museum
Lockerbie Pub
Saint Joseph Brewery
Chatham Tap
The Rathskeller
UFO Clearinghouse

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