52 – Pando the Giant – Richfield, UT



Load all of your sister-wives in the minivan, but save room for Brett and Harley, cause we are going on a trip to Richfield, UT! On this week’s episode, we travel to Fishlake National Forest to check out Pando the Giant. Named one of the forty wonders of America. Whether you love the outdoors, Bigfoot, Skinwalkers, the fae, druids or Wiccans, this place has it all. Pando is a tree that could be a million years old and covers over one hundred acres. Please don’t carve Becky loves Bruce on this tree…..Brett’s skull will explode.

We have a news stories on this episode about a Bulgarian mystic/psychic with an 85% success rate on her predictions. The story is from “Alltime Conspiracies” and covers some striking predictions about the election and aliens.

If you are planning a trip to Utah, these are just a few other activities that you might be interested in checking out:

The Eyes to the Sky Balloon Festival- Occurs every July 4th weekend. You can enjoy balloon rides, a carnival, craft fair, fireworks and a parade.

Steve’s Steakhouse sounds like a sure thing, plus they have Cow Pie!

Brett’s top 5 things you didn’t know about Utah list.

All this and more on episode 52 of the Travel Oddities Podcast.

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Steve’s Steakhouse
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