18 – Forrest Fenn’s Hidden Treasure – Santa Fe, NM



Harley and Brett have dug up another gem for you. Would you like $2 million dollars in treasure? Today we discuss the a treasure hidden by Forrest Fenn, a modern day Indiana Jones. After a lifelong career treasure hunting, Forrest has made it his mission to get you and your kids off of the couch. He has hidden this treasure and left clues, National Treasure style. We will give you the clues, steer you away from the pitfalls and throw in the meaning of life. Who is Forrest Fenn? What do you need to find the treasure? Who has the best pizza in Santa Fe? Why is Ralph Lauren searching the closets in Santa Fe?

Also, we discuss the pyramid in Antarctica and Dracula’s Zillow listing.

Treasure hunter disappears searching for 2 million in gold.
Clues to the Treasure
Forrest Fenn Treasure Wiki
Antarctica Pyramid story
Rooftop Pizzaria – Yelp
More on Fenn
Geocache Santa Fe

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  1. I’m not from jersey I hate jersey ! No offense to any jersians…Im from Oswego ny which is central New York and now I live on the border of New York and Pennsylvania and I live in the country I guess you could call me a redneck I love to hunt and fish and do everything outdoors so no more thoughts about me being a jersey trucker lol. Any way the forest treasure has to be in a WATERFALL! I wear 2xl t-shirts I seriously want a shirt ! Also your news about the pyramid in Antarctica was pretty damn interesting I’ve actually seen those YouTube videos and you guys could probably do a whole show on the mysteries of Antarctica and all the conspiracy theories about why our government has bases there and it is so restrictive! There are theories about alien bases secret government basis and the ice a civilization living under the ice and even theories that the entrance to the center of the earth is in Antarctica with many expeditions that are classified by the government to have taken place there.. Another great show guys thanks again for the shout out PEACE

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