21 – Altie the River Monster – Darien GA



On today’s podcast Brett and Harley dive deep into the legend of Georgia’s nastiest river monster? We discuss the similarities between the Altamaha-ha monster and Nessie of Loch Ness, Champ of lake Champlaign and others. Is Altie an alligator gar, a manatee, an anaconda or a hold-over from the dinosaurs? Is it’s sole porpoise in life to terrify fishermen or did the city of Darien, Ga invent it to draw in the tourist dollars?

What do the Cryptozoologist believe it to be? Is there a cryptid based restaurant that serves a good Altie and chips? All this and more.

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  1. What’s up guys mother trucker here sorry the comment on the last episode didn’t get posted I don’t know why but I definitely like the show and someday would like to go eat at The Haunted restaurant and thought it was pretty awesome learning about a haunted place I’ve never heard of before so thank you. Everything about this episode leads me to believe the sightings are of an alligator gar seen as though the description say it has a head like an alligator! Im an avid bow fishermen which means it’s exactly how it sounds I shoot fish with a bow and arrow and have always wanted to travel South to bowfish alligator gar! So I particularly liked this episode! Also DC Comics suck! Superman is okay but I really wish Batman would just get shot in the face and die because he’s a mere weakling mortal .. Harley threw in a comment about Brett’s mom being a Megalodon which made me almost pissed myself laughing LOL. Then Brett threw in a quick comment about liking all kinds of Tails when he was talking about fish and almost shit myself LOL another great show guys and hope everyone had a good Zombie Jesus day yesterday.. PEACE

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