24 – Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine – Apache Junction, AZ



$200 million in gold and all you have to do is solve the riddles, fight your way past the snipers and survive the rattlesnake infested desert… Welcome to the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.

Join Brett and Harley as they hit the mother-load of lost treasures. We might just blow the lid off this whole damn place. Break out your pick axes and Acme TNT, we are on the hunt.

This mystery in the Superstition mountains dates back to the 1500s. It is located in the Apache Junction, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. Starting with the Spanish Conquistadors, this legend has a long and bloody history. There have been a multitude of deaths over the years blamed on Apache Indians, rattle snakes, scorpians, snipers and more. Apparently, this just spurs the treasure hunters. As many as 8000 people a year go in search of this lost treasure.

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