34 – Mystical Bear Butte – Sturgis SD



Technically Bear Butte is not a butte or a butt, it is rather a small mountain that stands just east of the Black Hills. It’s both a state park and a holy site for many Plains Indian tribes, including the Lakota and the Cheyenne.

Brett and Harley go in search of visions on this mystical episode. Tonight, we discuss the religious and spiritual aspects of Bear Butte just outside of Sturgis SD. What do you need to go on a vision quest? Are sweat lodges just for large men in bath houses? What offerings should you bring on your pilgrimage? Who is Brett’s Peyote dealer? We will attempt to answer all of these questions.

In the news, we cover the Men in Black….not the Will Smith version and not the other ones.

We answer the question that is on everyone’s mind….Where is Eric?

We announce our new segment!

Finally, we cover Sturgis, SD and the motorcycle potluck dinner!

Bear Butte
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