35 – Haunted Biltmore Hotel – Providence, RI



The Biltmore Hotel in Providence, RI is known by some as the most HAUNTED hotel in Rhode Island. Join Brett and Harley as they unlock the mystery of this terrifying locale. We will discuss the origin of this hotel, how it became haunted and the modern day horror stories that surround it. Did Satanist build this hotel to further their malicious agenda? How many murders have been attributed to this hell house? How is the Catholic church involved? Are there disappearances still occurring? The occult, poltergeist, and evil spirits are down every corridor on this episode.

We will also discuss the recent news story about the underwater alien UFO base in the Pacific ocean. You will get an update on our Odd Challenge and hear the winner of last week’s poll. Join us for this spooky show.

Biltmore Back Story

Rhode Island

Alien Mega Structure News


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