38 – Haunted Fort Delaware – Delaware City, DE



Bursting at the seams with disembodied spirits, Fort Delaware is over 150 years old prison, located on Pea Patch Island in Delaware City, DE. Join Brett and Harley as they hop a riverboat to adventure. On today’s episode, we will delve into the history or this civil war era prison and fort. You will also get a full rundown of all of the paranormal happenings. There might be ghosts and or ghouls, poltergeist and photonic manifestations. We discuss when to go and where to look once you are there. The Haunted Fort shouldn’t be missed if you are near Delaware.

We also cover a news story from the International Business Times on the moon landing and whether it was faked or not….International Business Times?….yup.

This show gets wrapped up with our Odd Challenge results from last week. Find out if Harley or Brett have any future in Remote Viewing.

Don’t miss this show or we will know!…’cause you know, REMOTE VIEWING

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