40 – Fairy Stone State Park – Stuart, VA



The legends around faery tears are filled with mysticism and magic. On tonight’s episode Brett and Harley travel to Stuart, VA to uncover the secret to this mystical stones and dig into the history of the Fairy Stone Park.

We discuss the lore and origin of the Fae and how they got to a small town in Virginia. Are fairies really demons or angels? Did the story of Jesus turn goblins into sniffling babies? What super powers will you acquire by carrying a faerie tear? Will it haunt you forever?

We will also cover the town of Stuart and list off some of their more popular attractions and festivals. Where is the best tenderloin in Stuart?

On our Odd Challenge, we give you the results of Brett and Harley’s attempt to see auras. Want to join in on next week’s challenge?

How to (Consciously) Jump Timelines

– The first step is to own your power. You must consciously reclaim this ability to jump timelines by recognizing that it is indeed possible.
– The next step is to recognize that everything is made of energy. That energy has a signature vibration. Your thoughts, feelings, words, actions and creations must all match your desire in frequency. Every part of you must be focused on your intent.
– As your vibration changes, you will automatically shift timelines.
– If you like what you experience in the new timeline, hold your vibration by continuing to feel the emotions which aligned you with your desires.
– To change timelines, change your thoughts, words, feelings and actions to align with your new goal.

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