42 – Haunted Cedar Grove Mansion – Vicksburg, MS



Cedar Grove Mansion Inn and Restaurant has glorious view of the Yazoo River from it’s location on the bluff and a freaky view of ghosts on the inside. Tonight, Harley and Brett discuss one of the largest B & B’s in Mississippi and an award-winning restaurant, and what happens when your B&B has a couple hundred years of death spread around the property. We go into the ties to the Civil War and all of the “accidental” deaths that have occurred here over the years.

Brett breaks out his “southern gentleman” accent and tells us all about the manifestations of ghosts, poltergeist, wraiths and creepy-ass spectral children. We will hear some first-hand accounts of the creepiness that happens in these walls.

Harley will teach you the secret of fending off a vengeful spirit with some common household products.

We discuss some other attractions in the Vicksburg area and the best place to sit down to some southern grub.

Stranger things are in the news.

Dust off your Civil War reenactment costume, original or Marvel, they are both acceptable, and join us. It’s mandatory!

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Cedar Grove Mansion

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