44 – Pit Stop News – Roadkill Cookoff – Marlinton WV



The small West Virginia town of Marlinton has a very tasty(?) annual festival. Brett and Harley travel back east to the Marlinton, WV Roadkill Cookoff, but not before a pit stop on some of the weirdest stories in the news.

In the news, Brett covers a story about a white buffalo. Are these creatures the result of herbal adventures or are they the harbingers of the apocalypse? We go in depth on the subject and the answer is…?

Harley discusses another news story about a different majestic creature. Why were more than 300 reindeer killed by a “lightning strike”? Was it Mother Nature’s revenge against Santa? Has the government started a new HAARP project?

Brett also covers a ghost hunt turned meth lab bust? Are ghosts the only thing to look out for in an abandoned house?

Our last news story covers an oddity of the UFO kind. Has Rowan Blanchard of Girl Meets World fame captured photographic evidence of aliens or is this a native ad for her show?

RoadKill is the main course of this episode of Travel Oddities. We discuss the upcoming festival and why….and we are unsure. This festival has been covered by the Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel. We discuss some of the dishes you might find, and how you can enter your RoadKill recipes into the challenge.

We dig into the town of Marlinton.

We found a hidden gem of a restaurant(that doesn’t serve roadkill).

We discuss the local landmarks and discuss some other festivals and events:
Highland Scenic Highway
Greenbrier River Trail
Cranberry Glades
Senaca State Forest

If you are driving to Marlinton, drive safe to ensure that you are not adding to the menu!

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