66 -The Van Meter Visitor – Van Meter, IA


On this weeks episode Brett and Harley travel north(ish) to VanMeter, IA in search of the Van Meter Visitor, Mothman, Mystery Creature whatcha ma call it.

Try saying that 5 times fast, that’s a real oddity. Again this week with the tongue twisters.

They had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Freeburg, co-author of the”Hitch Hikers Guide to Cryptids” ‘Monsters of the Midwest

They also talk about the Vameter Visitor Festival that comes around every late September…do the math on that one.

In The News: Pojo’s Pure Vermont Soaps that are saito ward off Vampires and Werewolves and anychance at true love; unless of course you find someone that doesn’t have the sense of smell.

We discuss Van Meter #inanutshell

No Episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast would be complete without a place to grab a bite, the boys give you the “skinny” on Fat Randi’s Bar and Grill and why Iowa has a state bird, rock, flower and apparently a state sandwhich.

Brett’s Top 5 is a top 5 of epic perportions only because he never stays on topic

Brett and Harley ‘It’s better to burn out than to Fae away’ I believe that’s the saying. The Fairy welcoming committee is well under way. Can Brett find it in his heart to open his mind, body and spirit to the the fae. Tune in next time to find out if it was a Bang or Bust.

Jessica Freeburg
Ghost Stories Ink
Werewolf and Vampire repelling Soap
Soapy News
Van Meter Iowa
Bob Feller Museum
Fat Randi’s Bar and Grill
Van Meter Visitor Festival
Roman Nose State Park
Cherokee Trading Post
Wet Willie’s Custom Carving
Outro Music by Mike Masse

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