71 – Norwichtown Cemetery – Norwich, CT


We are considering changing the name of the show to Harley talks to smart people. On this week’s episode, we work our way through down a cobblestone street to the Norwichtown Cemetery in historic Norwich, CT.

This oddity is a classic. It starts during the Revolution, developed some cold spots, and now has Benedict Arnold visiting his mom’s grave every Halloween. It looks beautiful and creepy.

Zachary Lamothe stopped by for discussion about this Norwich. Hailing from Norwich, Connecticut, Zack grew up in a house built in 1752 and from an early age was always intrigued by local lore and history. Zack studied New England history and folklore while a student at Boston University, attaining a degree in American Studies. He earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education at Southern Connecticut State University and has taught high school special education and history. He is a frequent contributor to Norwich Magazine where he writes about history, community profiles, and tourism as well as other written and web based publications. His first book, Connecticut Lore: Strange, Off Kilter, and Full of Surprises was released in 2013 and the sequel More Connecticut Lore was released in 2016, both from Schiffer Publications.

We discuss Norwich, CT, the history and the modern. This town has no shortage of adventures, if you just take the time to explore.

No Episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast would be complete without a place to grab a bite, and Zack introduced us to the grinder.

Zachary Lamothe’s info:
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