82 – The Curse of Julia Brown – Manchac LA


We are almost back on track for our Monday release. Amy has a note from her Witch Doctor, so you cannot comment on her snotty sounds. On this week’s episode, Harley and Amy drop their kayaks into the swamp of Louisiana to explore one of the murkiest places in the US, Manchac, LA.

We discuss the Curse of Julia Brown or Julia White or Julia Black. This curse was strong enough to tear through the entire state of Louisiana.

This oddity is spooky by itself, but if you throw in alligators and giant mosquitoes, Amy won’t even consider an expedition.

Cajun Pride Tours takes guests on tours of the swamp, the island where Julia Brown’s grave is located. The graveyard is on private land and can only be accessed on a Cajun Pride swamp tour.

Harley wins the Father of the Year Award.

If you are planning to travel to the grave site of Julia Brown or the Manchac Swamp, be sure to take the biggest bridge over a giant swamp thingy and watch out for the Rougarou…he is hangin’ out around here.

The Travel Oddities Podcast team is willing to meet at Middendorf’s for some fried catfish…if you want to arrange the travel(and pay).
The Top 5 seems to be less about Louisiana and more about Brett’s obsession with Nic Cage.

The Curse of Julia Brown
Manchac, Louisiana History
Middendorf’s Restaurant
Defense against Curses?
Music by Mike Masse

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