88 – Ghost of Lehunt – Independence, KS


Ummm, you are really going to love this episode.

On this week’s episode, Brett and Amy take you on a trip to the plains of Kansas to investigate the ghost town of Lehunt, just outside of Independence.

Travel with us as we investigate this once thriving community that dried up after the Portland Cement Company left. We also learn some dark secrets and hauntings that surround this town and the people that lived there.

This town is locked, but you can request a key to enter legally. A sign on the gate that blocks the road to the former plant and gives vague instructions to get a key from the “engineers office” most likely a reference for the Corps of engineers who manage the nearby Elk city lake located on the other side of Table mound.

This place is home to at least one ghost and the walls have their own stories to tell.

We also discuss an awesome festival – Neewollah. That is Halloween backwards. The original reasons for this this celebration may have been backwards as well, but it has evolved into one of the most popular events in Kansas and an Oddity in its own right.

No Episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast would be complete without a place to grab a bite, and we found, Brothers Railroad Inn. Brother’s features the secret recipes of the Conway family that for five generations since 1950 has refined and perfected the offerings of its family’s restaurant, first in Maryland and now in Independence, Kansas.

Our defense against the dark arts is really powerful, so use with care.

The Top 5 seems to be very food-centric….maybe somebody was hungry.

Little House on the Prairie Museum
Brother’s Railroad Inn
Independence KS
Independence Chamber of Commerce
Independence Daily Reporter
Music by Mike Masse

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