89 – Grave of the Greenbriar Ghost – Lewisburg, WV


After a midweek intervention and come-to-Jesus meeting, Amy joins Harley for episode 89, The Grave of the Greenbriar Ghost in Lewisburg West Virginia.

On this episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast, we’re discussing how the after death visitations to her momma made this the only known case in which testimony from a ghost helped covict a murderer.

Zona Heaster Shue had crap taste in men but a very keen sense of justice. We discuss the murder, burial and exumation of sweet young Zona as well as the accusation, trial, and conviction of her handsome a-hole husband Trout Shue.

We descend 120 feet below Earth’s surface to visit the Lost World Caverns. Too hot for ya outside? Enjoy the 45 minute underground tour where the temperature is always 52 degrees.

Patrons say the samll unassuming mom and pop joint ‘When Pigs Fly BBQ’ is some of the best bbq in the state of West Virginia. With a slogan like, “More meat falls off of our sandwich than the other guy puts on his.”, we say it’s worth a try. Sunday BBQ buffet? yes, please!!!

Brett’s Top 5 is filled with jail time, food stamps, and the biggest family reunion in the US.

We send out the love to Jayme Rae, Amy humbly apologizes to Nita for her blatant lack of Viking knowledge ……….and will somebody tell Denny ‘The Meme War King” Kish to call us? Dude is hilarious!

All this and more, on episdoe 89 of the Travel Oddities Podcast.

“Only two kinds of people ever leave Lewisburg West Virginia – those who will return and those who wish they could.”

Greenbrier Ghost Wiki
Pigs Fly BBQ
Lost World Caverns
Lewisburg History
Music by Mike Masse

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