127 – The Conewago Screamer – Conewago Township, PA


On this week’s episode, Harley and Brett are feeling the heat, literally it’s 110 degrees in Oklahoma, so we are excited for some cooler adventures in Conewago Township, PA.

Brett may give up grilling for the team in exchange for a dip into one of Pennsylvania’s cool rivers.

The Conewago Screamer may be kissin’ cousins with The Mothman or maybe a dragon, but either way it’s seven foot tall and has glowing red eyes. We found a scary story from Lon Stickler about the Conewago Screamer, also known as the Conewago Phantom, and we have a new found respect for Lon.

What did Lon Strickler see in the woods in 1988?

Is there a Boy Scout badge for not crapping your pants when you see a seven foot tall, red-eyed phantom in the woods?

What is the temperature in Pennsylvania right now and if it is less than one hundred, can we come over?

If want to see some seven foot behemoths that aren’t cryptids, may we suggest The Weightlifting Hall of Fame in York, PA?

Mangia! Mangia! is a great Italian restaurant in Hershey, but they have a BYOB policy which makes them one of the greatest of all time.

Conewago Screamer story by Phantoms and Monsters
Conewago Township
Weightlifting Hall of Fame
Mangia! Mangia!
“Happy” – Pharrell Williams (BadWolf 3 Piece) Feat. Cameron Bruce & Hannah Foster

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