131 – Demon House – Hartford City, IN


On this week’s episode, Brett and Harley are monkeying around in Hartford City, IN to check out the Demon House known locally as The Monroe House.

Harftford City, Indiana was an 1800’s boom town that outlasted their neighbors by the strength of the sticky note. If you like hiking trails, you are going to love this little city.

The Monroe House is a realtor’s nightmare and will probably guest star in your nightmares as well. This demon infested house has been running off residents and even hardened paranormal investigators for years. Does the Orkin Man spray for demons?

Would you spend a night in the demon house?

What’s in the basement?

What is the scariest thing to hear on an EVP?

If you don’t want to solve the mystery of the Monroe House, maybe you should check out the Ft Wayne Children’s Zoo. This Zoo is less than an hour away from Hartford City in Ft Wayne, IN, and has some truly unique and fun activities especially for the kids.

We stop in at Ivanhoe’s Ice Cream and Sandwich Shoppe for one of their one hundred flavors of ice cream and Harley screams at another bad review.

Find out how to become a member of the 100 Club. Hint: You do not have to send money to Pat Robertson.

The Monroe House
Paranormal Lockdown
Kid’s Zoo
Outro Music
Outro Musician

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