133 – Curse of the Petrified Forest – Petrified Forest, AZ


Do you know about the curse of the petrified forest in Petrified Forest Arizona? On episode 133 of the Travel Oddities Podcast, Harley and Brett brave the desert for a return to one of the building blocks of the Travel Oddities concept.

Harley uses his feels to help you understand the glorious nature of this beautiful place.

If you are into hiking and adventures, this national park will keep you busy. There are newly opened areas and all sorts of new ways to experience the beauty of the painted desert.

If you are into spooky curses, this park has you covered as well. The curse of the Petrified Forest has been reported regularly for almost a hundred years, but don’t worry, its easy to avoid…just don’t take anything from the forest.

What is the source of the curse?

Is Brett an unknowing victim of the curse?

If you don’t want anything to do with all of this curse business, but you do want a souvenir, then we have a suggestion for you: check out the Painted Desert Indian Center in Holbrook, AZ. From giant dinosaur statues to tiny Kachina dolls, this place has everything the road weary traveler needs to prove that they made the trip.

If you just need some grub, then you are going to have to check out Fat Olives in Flagstaff, AZ. Ingredients imported from Italy, this place makes an authentic Naples style pizza that will make you want to kick little cesar in the jimmy.

Brett and Harley are also slated for their very first speaking engagement at the Haunted Bourbon event in November….stay tuned.

Stories of the Petrified Forest

Background of the Curse of the Petrified Forest

Curse News

Petrified Forest Park

Painted Desert Indian Center

Fat Olives

Haunted Bourbon

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