137- Lone Fir Cemetery – Portland, OR


Episode 137, The Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, OR. Brett and Harley are checking out this WEIRD city and all of the oddities we can find. Portland is modern and friendly, but it is also ODD and that is why we like it. Whether you are on a full-blown investi-cation or you are just para-curious, Portland has tons to keep you busy. If you are not into the strange, you can camp, hike, fish, ski, hit the beach or just go nutty trying every craft beer around.

Lone Fir Cemetery was created in 1854, and with over 25,000 permanent residents, there is quite a lot of history and built up ectoplasm. National Geographic listed it as one of the top cemeteries to visit in the whole world. From scary history to scary ghost stories, you may want to go in the day just to be safe.

If you aren’t into ghosts, maybe magic is up your alley. Mystic District is one city block in Portland with three magical shops to keep you busy. From crystals to candles and tarot to tea leaves, this place sounds like a great place to fill up your cauldrons or to even buy a cauldron if you are just starting. Diagon Alley is just an alley, this place is a whole city block!

When you are ready to refuel, you should check out the oldest restaurant in Portland. Huber’s was established in 1879. Their Spanish coffee presentation is world renowned, they have ridiculously good food and the ambiance is unique. Don’t listen to Benji S., part time yelper.

Lone Fir Cemetery
Portland OR
Seagrape Soap
Brown Bear Herbs
Sugar Mountain Vintage
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