143 – RT 66 Haunted Hotel Road Trip


On Episode 143, Brett and Harley take you on a road trip down RT 66 to visit some haunted hotels.

We start the trip at The Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles, California.
Bbuilt in 1926, in what is known as the Golden Era of Los Angeles architecture, and was named after Teddy Roosevelt. It cost $2.5 million to build in 1927.

The Hollywood Roosevelt is home to two celebrity ghosts. Montgomery Clift, best known for the movie, “From Here to Eternity.” His ghost now allegedly haunts room #928 of the 9th floor of the hotel, playing a trumpet, and pacing the hallways while reciting his old lines.

The second afterlife resident is none other than Marilyn Monroe. Norma Jean has supposedly been seen several times in a full-length mirror, which was originally located in her poolside Suite 1200, where Marilyn often stayed.

Our next stop is the Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, Arizona.
This hotel was built in 1927 and is a centerpiece of the historic downtown district. Many famous people have spent the night at the Hotel Monte Vista, including: John Wayne, Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Anthony Hopkins, Esther Williams, and Barbara Stanwyck. It was also a filming location for the 1942 American romantic drama Casablanca.

Patrons and staff report being greeted with an anonymous “good morning” whispered in their ears. There have also been reports bar-stools and drinks that seem to move all on there own. The Rocking Chair aka room 305 was featured on “Unsolved Mysteries”. Room 305 is reportedly the most paranormally active in all of the Monte Vista.
Guests have reported being awakened in the middle of the night unable to return to sleep with a constant feeling of unease and the sense that are being watched.

The third and final stop on this trip is The Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid, New Mexico. Madrid was a “company town”. The original tavern was established in 1895 ,but in 1944 burnt to the ground. The current Tavern was established in 1947 and is one the oldest continually operated taverns in Santa Fe County.
You can try their award winning Mad Chile Burger with a half pound of black angus chuck, but some of the sides are a little spooky. People report glasses falling off of the bar, doors opening and swinging back and forth on their own, furniture being moved, and orbs in photos.

Our release schedule over the next few weeks will be a little spotty due to Brett’s upcoming shoulder surgery.

For more information about mirrors as gateways, check out Renee Longworth’s site. That is where we learned about it.

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