Haunted Heceta Head Lighthouse – Yachats, OR


Harley and Brett hit the west coast for a spooky visit to the Haunted Heceta Lighthouse and a the Gem of the Oregon Coast.

Heceta Head Lighthouse is miles north of Florence, and 13 miles south of Yachats. Perched 205 feet above the Pacific Ocean, this lighthouse to look at, but with the conversion to a bed and breakfast you can do more than look. Book a night or an event to experience the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and the beach below.

With over a 125 years of history, this cozy vacation spot might have more than stunning views. Visitors to this gem have had more than a few paranormal visitations. There have been reports of a wispy gray figure floating down the hallway, sounds of sweeping and furniture being moved at night coming from the empty attic, and tales of a resident ghost by the name of Rue, that will show you the best place to put your shoes.

If you are in the area, you should check out some of these other activities as well.

Smelt Sands State Park has attractions that include tide pools that are teeming with life, hiking trails, and lots of picturesque shorelines and sea life.

Aero Legends will take you over the lighthouse, beaches and cliffs to enjoy the beauty of Oregon from the air.

C&M Stables offers a variety of horseback riding experiences for beginning, intermediate and advanced riders. They have breathtaking scenic adventures along the beach and through portions of pristine forest.

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