About Us

Travel Oddities is a podcast that takes you along on a weekly road trip a different paranormal location. We are not true believers and we are not skeptics, we just like weird places. If you like weird places and enjoy a good laugh, you are in the right place.

Harley¬† –

Harley grew up on the road, moving over thirty times before the age of 18, which sparked his desire to travel and explore. Father of five, Harley always has a “dad-joke” on the ready and is always in teacher mode.

Harley’s opinion on the supernatural could best be defined as “I have no idea, let’s look into it.”

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Brett¬† –

As a quintessential child of the 80’s, Brett grew up in the heart of Oklahoma City. He is an avid VHS collector and spends his free time trolling swap meets and thrift shops in search of the ultimate find. His second passion, t-shirts, can be seen on his personal Facebook page #tshirttime.

Brett is a graduate of American Broadcasting School, who has spent his career on the airwaves of Oklahoma radio. As a natural comedian, Brett’s quick whit, spot on impressions and racy commentary test the limits of our PG-13 rating sometimes but never fails to get a laugh.

Brett is our resident horror officinado and loves to discuss, ad nauseum, the ins and outs of all things horror.

His favorite oddities are ghosts and werewolves. Like most kids from the 80’s, Werewolf movies were his absolute favorites. He was about 11 or 12 when he came across a paperback book at a local thrift store called, “How to Become a Werewolf”. It gave the history of Lycans from early Europe and abroad and it gave detailed instructions on rituals to become a werewolf. So at one point-if the ritual took-you could expect two men dressed in white with white wide brimmed hats to appear at your door. Brett would have dreams about them coming to visit him. It should be noted that he’s combed the outer limits of the internet to find that book……to no avail…..